What We Do And How We Do It

Our Approach

Scientia does not just inspect and implement repairs necessary to get their refurbished turbines operational again.  Our goal is to remanufactures the turbine to its original specifications or better.  Implementing upgrades and improvements that field experience demonstrates beneficial.  With proper maintenance, these turbines should have an operational life of over 20 years before requiring another major overhaul.

Thought there are a number of quality turbines from the early days of wind farm development, primarily of Danish design, Scientia’s has primarily focused on the Windmatic wind turbine.  With more than 23 years of operational and ownership experience with this turbine, we know the turbine’s strengths and design attributes.    In the refurbishment process, the turbine is stripped down to its component parts. Gearboxes are completely rebuilt with new seals and bearing. Gears are inspected for wear and replaced if deemed necessary. Hydraulic pumps, brake calipers, and yaw systems are rebuilt. Main shaft bearings are dismantled and inspected for wear, replaced or cleaned and repacked with grease as necessary. Generators are rewound to the highest of specifications, undergoing a vacuum pressure resin impregnation. Rotors are dynamically balanced. After assembly, the drive train is tested for any gearbox or hydraulic leaks, the brake system and all sensors are tested.  We have sourced new replacement components for all major components.  A new controller is utilized.  For installations such as microgrids or unstable grids, a more sophisticated variable speed controller is available.

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