The principal of Scientia Energy has been involved in the commercial wind industry for over 35 years.  We have been hands on, involved in all phases and facets of wind energy development, resource assessment, site evaluation, permitting, installation, maintaining, and operating wind turbine generators and wind farms. We have owned and operated turbines for our own account, so we have an appreciation of what is involved in being both owner and operator.  With experience in  wind, solar, hydro, energy conservation, and conventional energy generation, our philosophy is to approach every situation without a technology bias.  The right tool for the right job, don’t use a chain saw to cut butter, sometimes a MW size turbine is just too big for the location and application.  Though we are fervent believers in the use of renewable energy, we realize that it will not be appropriate or economical in every situation.  We have seen the boom and bust of the industry through the 1980′s and ’90′s, and its resurgence in the mid 2000′s.  We’ve seen turbine size grow from a few kW to multiple MW’s.  We’ve seen the technology evolve, promising designs fail to deliver, and a number of wind turbines that were wonderful pieces of kinetic sculpture, but whose reliability and kWh production left something to be desired.  We approach our industry with a historical perspective, tempered by years of experience.  We’ve worked on wind turbines which the engineers assured us were state of the art, but didn’t survive their first wind season.  Too often the computer models and wind tunnel testing just didn’t match up to the real world environment that wind turbines operate in.   And then sometimes it is just operator error.  Experience has taught us what it takes to build, maintain, and operate a reliable wind turbine.   Thank you for your interest in Scientia Energy.  Please browse our site and contact us with any questions you might have.