About Scientia

Scientia Energy was started in 2007 to fill a market niche which its principals believed was under served within the wind industry.  With the majority of wind turbine manufacturers focusing on large, megawatt sized turbines, availability of medium sized turbines in the 50 to 200 kilowatt (kW) range was, and continues to be quite limited, and generally quite expensive per kW.   We believe “medium” size turbines are ideally suited for use by the agriculture and industrial markets, as well as community applications.  Leveraging its principals’ extensive real world operational experience and expertise in the wind energy industry, Scientia has initially focused its efforts on acquiring and refurbishing 1980’s vintage European wind turbine generators (WTG’s), ranging in size from 65kW to 100kW.  It has acquired over 120 Danish turbines for refurbishment.  These turbines are extremely robust in design and construction, as evidenced by their continual and reliable operation for over 20 years, in extreme wind regimes.  Respectful of this history and pedigree, Scientia is in development of a new turbine based upon what it believes is the best of these designs.  Currently, it’s focus is on turbines of under 200 kW.  It’s first turbines will be rated at 100 kW.  Availability is expected by the 1st quarter of 2012.