Our Products and Services

Our Products and Services

Re-manufactured Wind Turbines – Scientia currently has an inventory of 65 kW and 95 kW Windmatic wind turbines, These turbines were originally manufactured by the Danish wind turbine company Wind Matic A/S. They were installed on California wind farms, primarily in the 1985 to 1991 time period.  They were taken out of service in 2007 due to re-powering of the wind farms with larger megawatt size turbines.  Other Danish turbines of this vintage and size are available.  Scientia also has access to an inventory of larger European designed/manufactured turbines,

New Wind Turbines – Scientia has been developing a new 100 kW wind turbine based on the proven designs of the 1980′s vintage Danish turbines.  More efficient and larger blades than on the original Danish turbines have been developed and sourced, as has a much more sophisticated, variable drive controller.  Please contact us for availability.  MW size turbines can be sourced if this size is more appropriate for your application.

Replacement Components – Through our rebuilding process, we have sourced numerous replacement component parts for these Danish turbines.  If there is a part you are looking for, give us a call and we’ll see if we have it in stock or have sourced it.

Wind Resources Assessment and Site Evaluation – Scientia can provide wind resource assessment equipment and coordinate the gathering of and analysis of the wind data.  We can help you evaluate the viability and economics of developing wind energy at your site.

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