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15S Windmatic

View the 15S Windmatic brochure here: 15s-brochure1

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17S Windmatic

View the 17S Windmatic brochure here: 17s-brochure1

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Industry News

Interesting articles regarding the renewable energy industry

awea-reports-78% Increase in Small Wind


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What We Do And How We Do It

Our Approach

Scientia does not just inspect and implement repairs necessary to get their refurbished turbines operational again.  Our goal is to remanufactures the turbine to its original specifications or better.  Implementing upgrades and improvements that field experience demonstrates beneficial.  With proper maintenance, these turbines should have an operational life of over 20 years before requiring another major overhaul.

Thought there are a number of quality turbines from the early days of wind farm development, primarily of Danish design, Scientia’s has primarily focused on the Windmatic wind turbine.  With more than 23 years of operational and ownership experience with this turbine, we know the turbine’s strengths and design attributes.    In the refurbishment process, the turbine is stripped down to its component parts. Gearboxes are completely rebuilt with new seals and bearing. Gears are inspected for wear and replaced if deemed necessary. Hydraulic pumps, brake calipers, and yaw systems are rebuilt. Main shaft bearings are dismantled and inspected for wear, replaced or cleaned and repacked with grease as necessary. Generators are rewound to the highest of specifications, undergoing a vacuum pressure resin impregnation. Rotors are dynamically balanced. After assembly, the drive train is tested for any gearbox or hydraulic leaks, the brake system and all sensors are tested.  We have sourced new replacement components for all major components.  A new controller is utilized.  For installations such as microgrids or unstable grids, a more sophisticated variable speed controller is available.

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Our Products and Services

Re-manufactured Wind Turbines – Scientia currently has an inventory of 65 kW and 95 kW Windmatic wind turbines, These turbines were originally manufactured by the Danish wind turbine company Wind Matic A/S. They were installed on California wind farms, primarily in the 1985 to 1991 time period.  They were taken out of service in 2007 due to re-powering of the wind farms with larger megawatt size turbines.  Other Danish turbines of this vintage and size are available.  Scientia also has access to an inventory of larger European designed/manufactured turbines,

New Wind Turbines – Scientia has been developing a new 100 kW wind turbine based on the proven designs of the 1980′s vintage Danish turbines.  More efficient and larger blades than on the original Danish turbines have been developed and sourced, as has a much more sophisticated, variable drive controller.  Please contact us for availability.  MW size turbines can be sourced if this size is more appropriate for your application.

Replacement Components – Through our rebuilding process, we have sourced numerous replacement component parts for these Danish turbines.  If there is a part you are looking for, give us a call and we’ll see if we have it in stock or have sourced it.

Wind Resources Assessment and Site Evaluation – Scientia can provide wind resource assessment equipment and coordinate the gathering of and analysis of the wind data.  We can help you evaluate the viability and economics of developing wind energy at your site.

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Historic Wind Turbines

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Remanufacturing Process

The Process





The chassis is cleaned with high pressure hot water and a biodegradable solvent.After a thorough cleaning, the chassis is inspected for any cracks or other anomalies.The chassis is made of welded, galvanized steel.In over 20 years of operation, we have never observed any stress related cracks or other failures attributable to normal operations.

Drive Train

The gearboxes are cleaned and dismantled.Gears are inspected for wear and turned or replaced as deemed necessary.All seals and bearings are replaced.The main shaft is checked for wear and repaired as necessary.Disc brake calipers are dismantled, cleaned and rebuilt.New brake pads are installed.The main shaft brake disc is turned if necessary.Main shaft bearings are disassembled and inspected for wear.As necessary, bearings are repaired or replaced.Old grease is removed and replaced with new grease.Sensors for high and low speed drive shafts are replaced.


Both the small and large generators are rewound, bearings replaced, new thermistors installed, and the rotor dynamically balanced.

Brake System, Hydraulics Lines and Wiring

All internal nacelle hydraulic lines are replaced, as are wiring harnesses.The braking system is rebuilt and calipers rebuilt or replaced if necessary.New brake pads and wear sensors are installed

Yaw System

The yaw motor and pinion gear are inspected and rebuilt or replaced as necessary.The bull gear is inspected for wear and repaired if necessary to insure a good mesh with the yaw pinion gear, or replaced.


The original controller will be replaced with a new controller.The new controller is based upon a commercially available industrial controller, which provides all functionality of the original controller, plus remote monitoring and control with two-way communication capability.The software is open source, easily programmed for adjustment to varying wind regimes characteristics.  For micro-grid applications or where the grid is weak or relatively unstable, a more sophisticated controller is recommended utilizing a variable speed electronics.


All blades are visually inspected for nicks, pitting, cracks, and de-lamination. They are then attached to a static jig and a deflection test is performed. This deflection test measures any movement between the steel root hub where it terminates and marries the blade spar.An endoscope is used to inspect the interior.The air brakes, which have previously been removed, are inspected to ensure that all hold tabs are within specifications, the shock absorbers for the spoilers are rebuilt or replaced, and deployment tested. Once the blades pass the structural integrity test, nicks and gouges are repaired, the blade is then buffed with rubbing compound to remove surface oxidation, re-gelcoated and polished.  New blades are available.


The turbine is normally sold with its original 80 foot lattice tower.The towers are inspected for any cracks or bends which might affect its integrity.No problems have been observed in the over 20 years of operation for towers that have experienced normal operation conditions.  Alternative towers are available, as is a 120′ tilt up tower.

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Peter Banner – BIO

Mr. Banner has over 40 years of experience in the renewable energy industry.  Since 1982, he has been involved in the development of over 140 megawatts of renewable energy in solar, wind, and small hydro.  He was a founding member of the California based Independent Energy Producers Association (IEP), serving on its Board of Directors from 1982 through 1986. In 1977 he was retained by an Annapolis, Maryland based R&D company to set up their solar division and manage its U.S. Department of Energy contracts and grants.  In 1979 he became Senior Vice President of a California based solar company which designed and  installed solar domestic hot water system, as well as solar HVAC systems, for both the commercial and residential markets.  The company was subsequently acquired by a NASDAQ company.   Since 1982, Mr. Banner’s involvement in the renewable energy industry has been primarily in the wind industry, providing advisory services to wind farm developers. Involvement has ranged from project planning and site evaluation, resources assessment, environmental review, biological resource assessment, permitting, equipment evaluation, and coordination of consultants and construction contractors.   He has been project manager on seven wind farm projects taking them from permitting through construction and operation. In addition, he has been involved in the day to day management of wind farms and owner of twenty turbines himself. He served on an advisory board of the BLM for development of wind energy projects in the Coachella Valley in California

From 1994 to 1998, Mr. Banner was involved in India representing a U.S. based hydroelectric equipment manufacturer and a U.S. based meteorological and wind farm monitoring equipment company.  As a principal, he was involved in a joint venture with a public Indian company, subsequently facilitating the creation of a third party wind farm O&M company in India, a joint venture between this Indian company and a public Danish company.  This venture is now a joint venture with EnXco, a subsidiary of Electricity de France (EDF).  Besides India, Mr. Banner’s energy related work has taken him to Europe, Singapore, Vietnam, and Mexico.

Mr. Banner’s consulting experience in non-energy related industries is extensive.  He assisted in a LBO of a short-line railroad, a subsequent refinancing of this railroad, as well as lease financing for its intermodal subsidiary.  In 1997 he was retained as Senior V.P. of Investment Banking for a New York City based securities firm. From 2000 to 2003, he was retained by an L.A. based venture capital firm to assist in review and evaluation of their approximate $170 million investment portfolio.  Portfolio companies ranged from software, consumer products, aftermarket automotive components, emission reduction technology, and the entertainment industry. During this period he was an investor in and served as the Chairman of the Board of a microwave communications component manufacturer (terrestrial and space), whose customer list included Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Space Systems Loral, FAA, and NASA.  Mr. Banner was actively involved in day to day operations of this company.  He negotiated the sale of this company to a European investment group.   Mr. Banner has consulted for a number of public companies. He has also served as a member of the Board of Directors of a NASDAQ company.  Mr. Banner has consulted for companies as diverse as a UK based magazine publisher, a Mexican based company providing onshore services to the cruise ship industry and the U.S. Navy, an Arizona resort development, a public company importing and distributing consumer electronics, a solar electric (PV) integrator, and a public EPC construction company.  He is a graduate of the UCLA Global Sustainability program and currently chairs an advisory group to LA City Council Member Paul Koretz on greenhouse gas issues.

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